rent retro ski gear today!

Epic retro ski wear!


Something special, magical, straight up incredible happens when you don an epic 80s ski suit from Retro rentals. You feel its warm embrace, the comfortable grip of the ski suit against your body, it feels tight, but by Odin’s beard it feels right.

You set forth to the slopes, the sun catches your illustrious onesie, the eye watering neon of your ski suit dazzling the un wary pedestrians on the slope.

As your stupendous style dominates the mountain, people stop and stare, dumbstruck by the sheer intensity of your look. One of a pioneer, a leader, a style warrior. Men and Women want to be you, parents avert their Children’s gaze, ashamed that they cannot muster the courage to wear such magnificent finery.

You, my friend, are a lord of the apres.

This is the home of EPIC retro ski wear! Stand out on the slopes with an outrageous neon 80’s ski suit from Retro Rentals. The home of retro ski wear, and the only fancy dress ski hire shop in the world.

  • The retro rentals crew, obsessed with all things retro ski!
  • One of the garish Retro-mobiles, ready to unleash EPICNESS all over the Alps
  • rent retro ski gear today!
  • RUSNO (reading university snow sports) committee getting over excited at their freshers fair 2013

We love the 80’s and we are bringing it back to a ski slope near you, rent out one of our glorious retro ski suits today, with a choice of over 1200 80s ski suits and retro ski jackets, we have the largest collection of vintage ski suits in the world, ready to rent all over Europe.

  • Retro rave!
  • The start of filming for the most epic 80s zombie ski film ever made..
  • The red bull 1976 games with Retro rentals!

We cater for groups both big and small, be it stag and hen do nights out, to massive corporate and Festival events for 1000’s of people! Is there a specific retro ski suit you need? Looking for that certain fancy dress outfit to make your friends look like complete hero’s/idiots on the slopes?

Well we have literally 100’s of retro onesies to choose from, just send us an email on the contact form and we will do every thing we can to give you the perfect vintage ski suit!

  • The Retro rave in Morzine!
  • Breaking a Guinness world record at the Folie Douce!

We also supply vintage renovated Gondola’s, super rad photo booth’s with authentic 80’s skis and snowboards, and our famous Mega boom box light display and DJ booth!

Make your event or holiday something to remember and #getretro today!

The retro rentals crew, obsessed with all things retro ski!

The retro rentals crew, obsessed with all things retro ski!